How to Gain More Likes and Followers on Social Media, Part II

all spins casino Below are a few updated tips on how to attract and maintain additional followers, as well as increase the number of likes on your posts. Click here to read Part I. Use relevant hashtags. Hashtags categorize similar content. When users click hashtags, they’re taken to a separate page with all posts containing the same hashtag. As a result, hashtags expose more people […]

Seth Horowitz’s article “Promoting the Law Firm: What Works” Published in Valley Lawyer Magazine

coral slots online LAWYERS MUST MARKET THEMSELVES ANDtheir firms in today’s uber-competitive legallandscape.It is not enough to be a “great” lawyer at a “great” law fi rmas being “great” is no longer a differentiation, although beingaverage or bad is.A great “Product” in the Four Ps of Marketing–Product,Price, Promotion, Place–will definitely assist with retainingclientele. Your firm’s management makes internal, strategicdecisions on Price and Place, […]

Five Key Content Marketing Strategies for Professional Services Firms

blackjack trainer pro outdoors Professional services firms, such as law firms, business management firms and accounting firms, face a market in which potential clients have a wealth of choices, massive amounts of information at their fingertips, and a desire for personalized service. In this blog post, we will walk you through five key content marketing strategies that can help you show potential clients why […]