2019 Law Firm Marketing Trends

http://lesivom.fr/10686-gay-rubber-chat-44082/ Recently, the ABA released its yearly survey results on Legal Marketing. We’ve summarized some key highlights and takeaways from the report. These are our suggestions for 2019 based on last year’s law firm marketing trends: WHERE SHOULD YOU BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? The survey results showed that most firms use Facebook while larger firms also use print and email as part […]

How to Gain More Likes and Followers on Social Media, Part II

site de rencontre article Below are a few updated tips on how to attract and maintain additional followers, as well as increase the number of likes on your posts. Click here to read Part I. Use relevant hashtags. Hashtags categorize similar content. When users click hashtags, they’re taken to a separate page with all posts containing the same hashtag. As a result, hashtags expose more people […]