2019 Law Firm Marketing Trends

2019 Law Firm Marketing Trends

Recently, the ABA released its yearly survey results on Legal Marketing. We’ve summarized some key highlights and takeaways from the report.

These are our suggestions for 2019 based on last year’s law firm marketing trends:

http://drgracecunningham.com/21-cat/casino_31.html WHERE SHOULD YOU BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA?

The survey results showed that most firms use Facebook while larger firms also use print and email as part of their marketing.

Most individual lawyers use LinkedIn for networking or for career development.

As for the effectiveness of social media for obtaining clients: 35% of respondents have gotten a client directly or through a referral. 19% did not know if social media got them clients.

https://www.congohost.com/13-cat/dating_29.html Other Benefits Of Social Media

Social media is not just for getting new clients. According to the ABA report, firms can benefit from more visibility, more visitors to their websites, making media contacts, and obtaining speaking engagements.

http://tripdime.com/12-cat/casino_32.html Takeaway

Focus on Facebook and LinkedIn. Develop a strategy for creating and maintaining your presence.

https://daaitools.com/13-cat/dating_8.html PLAN YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY

According to the survey, over 60% of firms did not have a marketing budget. If a law firm did not have a marketing budget, it’s safe to assume that they did not have a ,marketing strategy either.

http://vhsdrama.org/12-cat/casino_30.html Takeaway

One of the best things you could do this year is to work out a marketing strategy.

casino mondial Santiago de Cao We recommend the following fundamentals:

  1. Choose realistic goals and set your budget accordingly.
  2. Identify your target market and where they hang out online.
  3. Narrow your focus in order to provide targeted messaging to your audience. It’s easier to market to a specific niche instead of everyone.
  4. Track and measure your efforts.

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